Shelly's Page

Welcome! This is a spot for my personal stories, poems, and songs. Enjoy! - Shelly

My Heart will go on.mp3


Kiss From a Rose.mp3


Fire in the Night3.mp3


Life Anew.mp3


Sorrows Breath.mp3

Te Amo, Mi Todo.mp3

Too many, Too much, Too late.mp3

For Guy.mp3

I want you to stay 3.mp3

Dreams Fade.mp3

 My vision of what Rayna looks like....

For Guy, I want you to stay, Fire in the Night, Dreams Fade, and Te Amo, Mi Todo written by Shelly.

Mirrored, Angels, Misty, and Too Many, Too Much, Too Little: words written by Raychill, music by Shelly. 

Life Anew and Sorrow's Breath: words written by Roy, music by Shelly.

Hello - original by Evanescence: sung by Shelly

Kiss from a Rose - original by Seal: Sung by Shelly

My Heart will go on - original by Celine Dion: Sung by Shelly

*All songs played and sung by Shelly*

Rayna's Story: A work in progress 

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